Hidden treasures in Connecticut

Bronson Alcott’s birthplace at Spindle Hill, Wolcott, Connecticut

I just found this cool article about hidden historical treasures in Connecticut. Here’s a tantalizing tidbit – makes me want to go and look for it:

” ‘There are abandoned graveyards in many towns. In Wolcott there’s a cemetery, hidden in brush, that is the final resting place of members of the Alcott family.’ [says Collinsville author David Leff] including forebears of Louisa May Alcott and Bronson Alcott.”

A hidden graveyard … hmmm, another trip to add to my Alcott-related vacation which begins July 18.

This is David Leff’s book, Hidden in Plain Site. You can find out more on his website.

Click here to read the rest of the article

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4 Replies to “Hidden treasures in Connecticut”

  1. I’m finally reading the Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott, and enjoying it. (really liked Mr. Emerson’s Wife!) But seeing me read this one, my husband asked if there was anything to find in Walpole, NH. Will that be on your Alcott-vacation (a phrase that stirs my heart!)?

    1. I’ll be very curious as to your final opinion on Last Summer. It is a fun read. With regards to exploring Walpole, no time this time around (nor Wolcott either sadly, Houghton Library comes first) but I will keep them on my list. Walpole is so obvious, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that myself! 🙂

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