The million words of Bronson Alcott


Care to guess how many pages there are in these books? And guess what 95% of those many words are about. Goodness!

Fortunately, I’m only looking for references to Lizzie. Curious thing – there are many letters to Anna and Louisa but hardly any directly to Lizzie or May (except when all the sisters are addressed). And few references to Lizzie at all, except when she’s dying.

She really was the shadow sister! The mystery continues …

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10 Replies to “The million words of Bronson Alcott”

    1. Actually … 🙂 I was combing over the letters last night for more references to Lizzie and started getting into the details he presents in the letters! Someone wrote me a while back, a relation to Bronson through his brother, Chatfield. I couldn’t find a thing on Chatfield when I googled him but Bronson references him frequently in his letters to his mother and Junius. It’s obvious that he was very close to Junius judging from all the letters he wrote him.

      Also, the letters he wrote to his children were very tender and sweet, even to Louisa. I saw one longer one he wrote to Lizzie just before they went to Fruitlands that touched me with its warmth and affection. Later when she was older, he referenced her and spoke with such pride about how well and cheerfully she performed domestic duties.

  1. Lol. I was partly kidding, since I have scholarly and even pedantic tendencies myself. But there are some quotes itching at my mind about Bronson’s “train wreck” writing and something else derogatory about it by a contemporary. Can’t be bothered to look right now.

    1. Emerson was certainly never shy about Bronson’s poor writing style! But this was when Bronson was trying to write a serious work – then he’d get self-conscious about it. The letters and journals don’t suffer from that so much.

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