Join in the group read/re-read of Little Women

Because of all the upcoming events in Concord with regards to the centennial of Orchard House as a museum (many of the directly related to Little Women), I’ve started re-reading Louisa’s classic. Jillian from A Room of One’s Own is also re-reading (I actually got the idea from her). I invite you all to join in and we’ll share our thoughts.

I have not, by the way, abandoned  Eight Cousins – I am still reading that too but have been terribly busy of late.

Looking forward to our conversations!

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9 Replies to “Join in the group read/re-read of Little Women”

    1. I just started, gotten through two chapters. I’ll put up a new post making it an open forum and we’ll see what subjects come up that we want to pursue.

      I’m reading it on the Nook this time and it’s great fun being able to comment on things as they hit me.

  1. I see Nancy of Silver Season is going to be hosting the reread with A Year of Feminist Classics in July, which was when I thought I’d do my (maybe 3rd or 4th) reread. Are you planning to read it twice in the year, Nancy?

    Ah, well, I think I know it well enough to still follow along here without rereading it this month, since my TBR shelves for March and April are stacked.

  2. I’m doing a lot of Little Women this year. In late April I will be doing an oral presentation at a senior learning group in Stamford. To prepare for that I plan to re-read in early April, making notes and drafts to use for the Year of Feminist Classics in July. I think you could call this re-read plus. Whatever Susan has to say, I am happy to join in, especially as we get into April.

    1. I’m starting early because a) I’m a slow reader and b) there’s the first of 3 discussion groups in Concord this Thursday! And I want to be ready. 🙂

  3. Hi Susan! Thanks so much for linking to me. I’m not sure I can contribute much to a discussion, due to time, but if I can, I’ll check back and see what others say. I have a great many works on my Currently Reading list and was only planning to quietly read Little Women and record my thoughts over at my place, as and when I finish. I’m hoping to follow up the read with Little Men, Jo’s Boy’s and Geraldine Brooks’s March — but again, time is proving an issue. 🙂

    Cheers, and thanks for thinking of me!

    1. I’m doing March after Little Women! I have this wonderful Civil War atlas that I’m going to refer to as I read.

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