A late Christmas gift – I got the Nook tablet!

Of course I had to customize it. 🙂

Woo hoo, “Little Christmas” (aka feast of the Epiphany) is here and I am thrilled to have acquired a Nook tablet! It’s just about everything I wanted and more. And what did I want?

  • An e-reader that was the size of a book instead of the size of a phone
  • An e-reader that could accommodate my library of e-books (Nook and Google Books); I hadn’t bought anything for the Kindle app on my phone because the prices were better at Barnes & Noble)
  • A tablet that was easy to use, giving me access to email and the web
  • A device that would sync up with my iPhone and iTouch
  • A device that interacts well with my PC
  • A device that could borrow books from the library

I got that and even more.

I am so excited to have my Google e-books on a tablet, finally in a size that is easy to read. My library is small but growing, and I can grow it to 5000 books and  more. And, I don’t have to make room in my house to accommodate them. 🙂

I look forward to the ease of reading at the gym while I work out. Tapping a page is so much easier than lifting a book to turn a page when you’re on the elliptical.

This cover actually feels like a book. Do you recognize all the author signatures? Too bad Louisa's is not one of them.

Reading a backlit screen is a godsend for me. Words no longer jump on the page. I can adjust the size of the type, the space between the lines  and the brightness of the screen to suit my eyesight. Very cool. 🙂

Evernote, my “pen and paper” for taking notes, is available as an app on the Nook and syncs with all my mobile devices and my computer so that I always have my notes available to me.

I feel like I can now go anywhere at anytime and read in comfort, and take notes too. I can write blog posts on the fly with these tools.

Sure, all of this can be done with pen and paper (and for no money) but for me, it’s so much easier to type. The pen slows down the process; typing keeps up with my thoughts and sets them free.

I researched both the Nook and the Kindle and while I was attracted by the appearance of the Kindle, I decided to go with the Nook. A lot of it had to do with the fact that my e-book library was mostly for the Nook, but I also wanted an e-reader that would read PDF files and Google e-books. While the Kindle supports PDFs, it does not support any other e-book formats but its own.

The Nook was so easy to learn – just fooling around with it in the store showed me I could master it quickly.

Louisa May Alcott: Her Life, Letters and Journals by Ednah Dow Cheney was a Google ebook I've struggled to read on my iPhone - no longer!

My one complaint? The web browser. There are two important things it can’t do:

  • WordPress’ dashboard (this is a WordPress blog) does not yet support touch screen technology and there is no WordPress app for the Nook. 😦 So I can’t update the blog from the Nook (except to do the text in Evernote and copy it over on the PC).
  • You cannot copy and paste anything from the web. You can’t download pictures, copy URLs or grab a paragraph from a free book online. I do this all the time so this is a real drawback.
The Alcotts as I Knew Them by Clara Gowing, also a Google e-book (and a book I will be blogging about soon)

However, at $249, I can deal with these limitations. I couldn’t justify spending $500 or more for an iPad that does pretty much the same thing (and is bigger and heavier).

I still love the tactile book experience and will continue to collect books. However, I also love the convenience of the e-book and the lack of strain on my eyes.

Will it make me more efficient in reading and writing about Louisa and her books?
Hope so.

But I am certain of one thing: it will make this passion even more fun!

Do you have an e-reader? Which one, and what do you think of it?

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10 Replies to “A late Christmas gift – I got the Nook tablet!”

  1. I have had a Kindle for the past year, like it, and find it easy to use. However, I only use it in a limited way — as a convenient way to have a lot of books available when traveling (instead of packing a lot of paperbacks) and in waiting rooms. I mostly download free stuff (the classics) from Amazon or pdf versions. I do use the feature to mark text because I find that I can then lift it into a text document for easy use of quotes.
    Like you, I continue to like book books, their feel and even their smell. That said, the electronic reader is a real convenience.

    1. At least I won’t have to worry about killing myself on the elliptical trying to turn pages. I nearly did that with Gone with the Wind 🙂
      I’m just so happy to be able to read my library of Google e-books like real books. In many cases they are rare books you just can’t get. Google Books has almost never let me down. And if you can’t get it there, there’s always the Gutenberg Project.

  2. I have both a kindle 3G and an ipad wifi. They both have their disadvantages and advantages. Overall, my eyes prefer reading on e-ink rather than a backlit screen, but I’ve gotten used to backlit reading. The ipad is great for reading any format, anywhere, including online news and blogs 😉 Instapaper is my favorite app. My kindle model is practically useless for the web, even with the free 3G, but instapaper makes it easier to save things to read later in a format that works on the kindle. I do like the size/weight of the kindle better than the ipad, that’s for sure.

    My biggest complaint about the kindle lately is that I had a problem with it just a few weeks after the warranty ran out. Kindle support was very little help. It was incredibly frustrating. I eventually managed to fix it myself using a free calibre plugin that I found online. It found some corrupted files, which I deleted, and now it works fine again. I left a fairly negative review on Amazon, and only then did someone at Kindle support get back to me to offer to look into the problem further.

    1. Ugh! Customer support is so important. Hopefully the B & N folks will be there when I need them!

      Obviously the iPad is the best overall tablet but the size, weight and price especially are all off-putting. Plus I would be nervous about bringing it places as I think it would attract thieves. The cool thing about my Nook cover is that it looks just like a book (and feels like one too) so people would never know it was a tablet.

    1. Agreed. 🙂 It’s changing the way I take notes. I can “share” quotes with myself (a roundabout way of copying and pasting) which saves time and I can make quick notes in the text. But what it’s doing is creating an explosion of notes because it’s so fun to take them!! The sorting process is going to be intense. 🙂

  3. Ah! So, you have an e-reader. I tell you, those things are awesome!! I have a Kindle. (I come from a Kindle family… as in, I think at least half a dozen of my relatives own one, so a Kindle was the obvious choice for me.) I love it! Sometimes I just cannot imagine all the books I now have access to read, that I wouldn’t be able to get a hold of the real tangible book any other way. Having an e-reader completely opens up another whole WORLD of books!! I’m going to download “The Alcotts as I Knew Them” so that I’ll remember to read it sometime—-I’m quite bogged down right now with a reading schedule, but I’m going to start reading some of the books you talk about when I can.

    1. It’s so true – the e-reader does make a lot of books available that normally would not be (or would only be available on the computer which isn’t terribly portable). I am already SO hooked on it for research purposes, and it’s also great for meetings because I can put all my “papers” on an app like Evernote (where I can also edit them – that’s where I put my research notes too). Netflix is nice too!

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