Louisa’s ode to her cat could be an ode to mine

I was flipping through Harriet Reisen’s fine book, Louisa May Alcott The Woman Behind Little Women and found this poem by Louisa (on page 112)  that she published in her family’s weekly newspaper, The Olive Leaf (the real-life version of The Pickwick Papers in Little Women). It so totally described how I feel about my favorite cat that I just had to share. Louisa once commented to her nemesis Charles Lane (from Fruitlands)  in her daily list of sins that she had an “inordinate love of cats.” Me too!

Jenny Jen, this is for you!

To Pat Paws

Oh my kitty Oh my darling
Purring softly on my knee
While your sleepy little eyes dear
Look so fondly up at me

Dearest of all earthly pussies
I will shrine you in my heart
Where no dogs can ever reach you
Oh my precious little guwart [?]

May the biggest fattest mouses
Be your never failing portion
Softest crumbs in heaps around you
And of drops a boundless ocean.

Do you have an “inordinate love of cats” too? 🙂

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