Any of you know where I can find the following rare book?

I am trying to find a rare book called Critical Essays on Louisa May Alcott (Critical Essays on American Literature), edited by Madeleine Stern. I’ve searched Amazon, Ebay, etc., nobody has it (almost got it from Amazon but the seller messed up and now no longer has it!) Any leads would be most helpful!  I can get the book out of the library but I really want to have it on hand for research purposes. Thanks for your help!

7 Replies to “Any of you know where I can find the following rare book?”

  1. Just keep trying. I checked a couple of sources – alibris, book depository, abebooks – with no success. In the past I could set up a search on eBay and they would send me notices when something appeared there. I haven’t done it recently so don’t know whether that is still possible.

    1. Yeah, I saw on on Amazon in Great Britain for over $300! The one I wanted to buy was about $156 and they even gave me a 10% discount, but then they sent it to the wrong customer and are not planning on asking that customer to send it back (they told me to keep the wrong book they sent me). Urghh! I nearly had it! 😦

    2. The most amazing thing happened today – the book arrived in the mail! And not from the seller. I’m guessing it was forwarded by the person who received it in error. I dashed off a thank-you note to her, that was so nice!

  2. p.s. You’re in a major metropolitan area… have you tried interlibrary loan to canvass the university systems in the northeast?

    1. It’s true, I do live in a great area to get books! The Concord library has 2 copies (that’s where I saw the book in the first place, took it out but didn’t have the time to read it). Oh well, I can always take the book out and just take really good notes!

      I did find on BookRags 17 different critical essays and that only cost $16 so that will certainly satisfy me for the moment. 🙂

      Thanks for looking around for me!

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