Quirky Wayside offers a wealth of history: introduction and quiz

Last Friday I finished out my vacation by visiting a home in Concord I have been drawn to for years: The Wayside. And it was SO worth the wait! In fact, it was such a stimulating visit that I need to split my thoughts into a couple of blog posts.

This house is a total mish-mash architecturally, showing the distinct personalities of all the folks who lived there. The luminaries begin with a master militia minuteman and then include 12 published authors (as told to me by the tour guide), a philosopher, one of the first social workers (which happened after she moved from The Wayside to Boston), women activists, a civil war nurse, two women preservationists, and a daughter of a famous author destined to become a nun and a saint!

Let’s see how good your trivia is by answering the following questions:

  1. Name the minuteman who occupied The Wayside in the early 1700s.
  2. How many of the published authors out of the 12 can you name (I’ve only been able to name 6 so far)?
  3. Who was the woman who would eventually become one of the first social workers in Boston?
  4. Name the two women activists.
  5. Who would eventually go off to service in the Civil War as a nurse?
  6. Name the philosopher.
  7. Which daughter of a famous author was to become a nun on the road to sainthood? What was her name as a nun and what order did she found? What charitable work did they perform?
  8. Which two women fought to preserve several key historical homes in Concord? Which homes were saved?
  9. One of the women preservationists taught at a famous college – who was it and what was the name of the college?

Looking forward to seeing your answers!

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