Simple, sweet and timeless

I found a lovely poem that Louisa May Alcott wrote that perfectly reflects the successful formula she used in writing for  children. She may have disdainfully considered it “moral pap” and only wrote it to make money, but when I read something like this, a very reassuring voice comes through the simple tale and time-tested moral lesson.

I don’t know about you, but it sure seems like the world is coming apart at the seams, especially with all the social unrest around the world coupled with financial turmoil. Everything is blurred and complicated, and basic moral behavior has gone out the window for so many that I sometimes feel like I’m an outdated relic!

More than ever, Louisa’s voice is soothing, reassuring, reminding me that love shown through simple thoughtfulness is never outdated. I may sound like a Pollyanna, but if only people could stop for a moment, get out of themselves and think of a small kindness they could show someone else . . . how different the world would be!

This poem was found on the Sharon – Grandma Knows Best blog. She is writing each day in August for “AUGUST TWEET-TWEETS on 365 Days of Literacy for Kids! A little fun, a little learning and a bit of ‘tweet-tweet’!”

My Doves

Opposite my chamber window,
On the sunny roof, at play,
High above the city’s tumult,
Flocks of doves sit day by day.
Shining necks and snowy bosoms,
Little rosy, tripping feet,
Twinkling eyes and fluttering wings,
Cooing voices, low and sweet,–

Graceful games and friendly meetings,
Do I daily watch and see.
For these happy little neighbors
Always seem at peace to be.
On my window-ledge, to lure them,
Crumbs of bread I often strew,
And, behind the curtain hiding,
Watch them flutter to and fro.

Soon they cease to fear the giver,
Quick are they to feel my love,
And my alms are freely taken
By the shyest little dove.
In soft flight, they circle downward,
Peep in through the window-pane;
Stretch their gleaming necks to greet me,
Peck and coo, and come again.

Faithful little friends and neighbors,
For no wintry wind or rain,
Household cares or airy pastimes,
Can my loving birds restrain.
Other friends forget, or linger,
But each day I surely know
That my doves will come and leave here
Little footprints in the snow.

So, they teach me the sweet lesson,
That the humblest may give
Help and hope, and in so doing,
Learn the truth by which we live;
For the heart that freely scatters
Simple charities and loves,
Lures home content, and joy, and peace,
Like a soft-winged flock of doves.

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3 Replies to “Simple, sweet and timeless”

    1. It reminded me of how much I love watching birds at our feeder. At one bird sanctuary on the Hamptons, the birds are so tame they actually will feed out of your hand! I had a chickadee do that. Amazing. I think Louisa would have enjoyed that very much.

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