Getting to know John Matteson, author of “Eden’s Outcasts”

I’m about to treat you to a wonderful interview with John Matteson, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Eden’s Outcasts (one of the many books on my list begging to be read). Here’s a sampling to whet your appetite:

What drives the continued fascination with Louisa May Alcott?
Louisa combined the best aspects of both her parents. She was a moral idealist, like her father, but she was also a fighter like her mother. When she found a cause she believed in, she became a fury on its behalf. As with Harriet Beecher Stowe, you can’t read Alcott without feeling inspired to be better than you are. It’s remarkable to me to see how that legacy has been carried on in the people who work at Orchard House, the Alcott home in Concord, Mass. They are deeply kind and incredibly passionate about doing good in the world. It’s funny, by the way: many of the authors we consider great have a deep sense of moral ambiguity: Melville, Dostoyevsky, Goethe. Alcott never had much doubt as to right and wrong. Perhaps that makes her somewhat less of an artist, but reading her can be a wonderfully strengthening experience.

Be sure and read the rest (especially the part when he wins the Pulitzer) –
here’s the link.

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