Sculptor Harriet Hosmer and Louisa May Alcott

Quick question: I saw this on the following page

Harriet Hosmer (1830–1908) was regarded as the nation’s most prominent woman sculptor and was seen as instrumental in promoting women in the field of sculpture.  After moving from Boston to Rome in 1852, she was, according to Culkin, the only American woman sculptor working in the city and quickly befriended some of the most notable expatriates of the time, including Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and fellow sculptors John Gibson and Emma Stebbins. Many female sculptors followed her lead and moved to Rome. She indeed inspired artists of varied disciplines, and Hosmer can be found represented in the works of Nathanial Hawthorne and Louisa May Alcott, among others.

Does anybody have any further information on this? Where was she referenced in Louisa’s work? Is there any correlation between Harriet Hosmer and May Alcott Nieriker’s relationship with sculptor Daniel French?


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