The eBook experience

Okay, I admit it! I was one of those purists who said I’d NEVER convert to eBook reading because I loved the tactile experience of holding a real book and turning the pages. And I still do. BUT . . . I am loving the eBook experience since I got my iTouch. Here’s why:

1. Much easier on the eyes – the backlit screen is really easy for my very far-sighted eyes to see.

2. I can read anywhere I want now without carrying a big, bulky book – even at night while my husband watches TV, and I don’t have to worry about lighting. 🙂 And it’s great for short or long trips.

3. It’s much easier to read at the gym – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly fallen off elliptical (and the treadmill too) trying to turn the pages to Gone With The Wind, let alone just keeping the book open. Worth it though (and almost done! ) 🙂

3. I can keep my favorite books with me at all times – especially books I want to reference while writing this blog! And you can highlight passages and take notes – heaven!

4. I now have access to TONS of old, rare, forgotten FREE  books thanks to Google eBooks – LOTS of stuff by LMA fall into that category. 🙂

Reading eBooks on the iTouch is awesome because you can download free Kindle, Nook and Google eBooks apps. I don’t feel a need to have any of the actual devices because the type is large enough on my iTouch to make it a satisfying experience.

And as fate would have it, I am now working on converting a book I self-published on the Rosary into ePUB format so I can sell it online. Super easy way to make a little extra money. I have to say if I weren’t used to reading eBooks, I would have really fought against the dumbing down of the graphics/design portion that I worked so hard on with the print edition. But it’s worth it if it’ll make the book more available to people. And I can see why it’s necessary.

So, I guess I’ve crossed over to the dark side. 🙂 Have you done it too? What do you think?


10 Replies to “The eBook experience”

  1. I have as well… I purchased a Kindle a couple of weeks ago. Since the Kindle isn’t back-lit there is little to no eye strain while reading. The lack of color is a bummer if you’re a magazine reader. Love the built-in dictionary.

    I too enjoy the LMA books that are available either through Project Gutenberg or Kindle books. Saves me time in waiting on inter-library loans.


  2. I got a Kindle last September and I absolutely fell in love with eBooks. I still read paper books and adore my local library, but since the majority of my reading is on the go, digital has made my life remarkably easier.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Gone With the Wind as well! I read it for the first time last year and I really enjoyed it but I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

  3. I love my Kindle, and before that I loved reading ebooks on my phone. I prefer the Kindle’s screen, though; it’s so easy on the eyes. Ebooks are the main reason I got into reading LMA and others.

    1. That’s how I feel about my iTouch. No eye strain, no falling asleep while I read, no words jumping around on the page. These are things that prevented me from reading all these years (although I’m sure a decent pair of glasses would have helped!).

  4. I got a Kindle, most especially for travel and for waiting-around situations. Somehow if I pull it out of my purse and read in line or a restaurant it seems more socially acceptable that a paperback. For travel, I never seemed to be able to carry enough paperback for all the airport delays, etc. I loaded a great deal of free stuff and even paid for a few things – up to 99 cents.

    Also, some reference stuff I need like local programs I can put on the Kindle via the pdf route. It it is on the Internet and you can print it, then you can print it to a pdf and put it on your Kindle.

    The reading experience felt unnatural at first, but I have quickly adjusted. I also like it that with my Kindle for PC app I have the same books on my desktop computer and on the very portable Kindle.

    1. I guess you can get away with reading a book in public on a Kindle because it’s not unlike someone looking at their cell phone. I also love having the iTouch handy for reference too.

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