A (fictional) Alcott Family Christmas

fictional account of Louisa May Alcott and her family at Christmas
An Alcott Family Christmas – cover

Christmas in my office is a lot of fun (I work for an independent Real Estate firm, Rutledge Properties, doing their marketing). We are right in downtown Wellesley, Massachusetts with a lovely storefront, all decorated with a Christmas village of gingerbread houses made by children of the brokers, plus a real antique train set that still runs! My boss is very creative in arts and crafts and always uses the basement of the office (where I work) to create wonderful things for her grandchildren. It’s just my luck she happens to love Little Women because I just happened to notice in the office today that she had bought a cute children’s book in bulk (apparently to give to her granddaughters for Christmas) called An Alcott Family Christmas by Alexandra Wallner.

The inside flap summarizes the book in this way:

Louisa May and her family are excited about celebrating Christmas. The Alcotts are poor, so Louisa and her sisters don’t have enough money to buy presents for Marmee and Pa. But Louisa, who wants to be a famous writer when she grows up, has written a play that the girls will perform for their parents. There’s even a special treat for the Christmas dinner: a big plump goose. (Considering that Bronson was a vegetarian, that was amazing! :-))

As the Alcotts are sitting at the table, ready to plunge into the first big meal they’ve had in weeks, a neighbor knocks at the door. His wife and baby are sick, and they need the Alcotts’ help. In the true spirit of Christmas, they family shares what little they have in this fictional episode of the life of the beloved writer Louisa May Alcott.

You might say the author mixed in parts of chapter 1 of Little Woman with facts about the Alcott family (although I couldn’t quite figure out why Bronson was referred to as “Pa” – I would have preferred “Father”). It appears to have taken place at Hillside (the author features a picture of the house). When they give away their dinner to the neighbor, I thought of Louisa giving away the last cake to the child at the Temple School, depriving herself of the treat. I could just taste that luscious goose when it was placed on the dinner table!

It’s a cute book though and I’m really happy to have found it today at the office. 🙂 Here’s a slide show of some pictures:

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3 Replies to “A (fictional) Alcott Family Christmas”

  1. That looks cute but not historically accurate since Christmas was not widely celebrated in New England in Louisa’s childhood. Thanksgiving was a bigger holiday. May have to look for this one for the nieces when they’re older… they’ve been dragged Christmas shopping in Concord their whole short lives!

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