We have a tie! Two winners of the DVD Giveaway

Thank you for the great entries for the DVD Giveaway of Louisa May Alcott The Woman Behind Little Woman, directed by Nancy Porter, written by Harriet Reisen, and produced by both. While all the entries were worthy, there were two in particular that really stood out. I asked Harriet if perhaps 2 DVDs could be given away and her publisher made an exception for our community!

Drum roll please, the winners are . . .

Dr. Beth Nolan, for her post on her favorite character, Mr. Laurence:
“While I love them all, I am particularly fond of the character of Mr. Laurence, Laurie’s grandfather. One of my favorite scenes is when he sends the piano over to the March home for Beth to play. Perhaps it’s because I’m a Beth who plays piano herself, but the poignancy of that scene has always stayed with me. I wonder who Louisa was thinking of when she created the character of Mr. Laurence. Her own May relatives, who often supported the family (including giving them a piano at one time)? Or Mr. Emerson, perhaps, who was a supportive friend to the Alcotts through thick and thin? Perhaps Mr. Laurence was missing his own daughter when he gave the piano to Beth, just as Mr. Emerson grieved for his lost Ellen. Regardless, I see Mr. Laurence as a gentle and kindly man – a true gentleman – and he’s a character of which I am very fond!”

And Jillian, for her post on her favorite character, Jo:
Jo March of Little Women is achingly like myself. She yearns for independence, yearns for patience, yearns for the ability to write and know that her words are heard and worth reading – by someone. We two write in the night. We two busy our minds, ravenous for a something to conquer, and aware that this very urge to conquer creates a hard edge that is unlike the woman we are, deep inside. We feel apart from our siblings though they stand beside us. We yearn to run and stamp out a life anywhere else, yet to leave home is out of the question. Home, hearthside, is where life pulses. Family is in the bones of us. Right and wrong war daily with passion. Shall we shout and stamp or be quiet and kind? Which is the true spirit of us? It blurs, just as I blur with Jo. To see her struggle with patience, to see her manage it, has taught me to curb my own anxiety. She is a sister to my soul and so, accordingly, is Louisa May Alcott.

Congratulations to our winners! DVDs will be in the mail on Monday.

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I am very thankful for this wonderful community – you all have made this blog so much fun and it’s added some wonderful things to my life. Thank you all!

3 Replies to “We have a tie! Two winners of the DVD Giveaway”

  1. Congratulations Jillian and Beth! I love your posts, you deserved it. Doesn’t this add joy to your Thanksgiving holiday spirit? 🙂 I hope everyone is enjoying today and I wish happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!

  2. Thanks so much, ladies! I’m excited to watch this — and so appreciate the win.

    Have a great holiday weekend. 🙂

    (And congrats to you as well, Dr. Nolan!)


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