More follow-up on the search for Alcott descendants

A reader of this blog, Beth, sent in this comment regarding descendants of Louisa May Alcott:

“Anna had two sons. Johnnie never married. Louisa named him as her heir (he was second son) and the rights to her books passed to him. As he had no descendants this is why the rights to so much of her writings went into public domain in time.

Freddie married and had children. Those children had children and the descendants – at least some of them – still live in the area of Concord and some are active at Orchard House (home of the Alcotts). (for instance, one year when we re-enacted Anna’s wedding, the parts of Anna and John Pratt were played by descendants!).
Elizabeth died without having children — as did Louisa.

After Louisa’s death, Lulu returned to her father in Europe. She grew up to have a daughter and several grandchildren (6 I believe) and presumably descendants from them (in Europe).”

Beth – I was wondering if you are connected with Orchard House in some official way as you mentioned you lived in the area. Can you comment with some documentation?

The epilogue in Harriet Reisen’s book, Louisa May Alcott The Woman Behind Little Women mentions that Anna’s son John adopted a son although it is not clear whether or not he was married (“Lulu never mentioned exactly how the estate was settled, but did say that later there was bad blood when Fred objected to John’s adopted son inheriting any money or rights to Louisa’s works. John resisted, but eventually went along with his stern brother’s resolve.” pg. 299). She also mentions that Lulu married Emil Rasim and they had a daughter, Ernestine May Rasim, aka “Erni.” There’s an interesting website that documents where Lulu and her family were buried. Two of her grandchildren are buried in the family plot along with her daughter and her second husband (notice how Lulu was buried with her daughter’s family, not with the Nierikers or the Rasims). Here’s a record from that reflects what Beth said about Lulu’s grandchildren.

As I was writing this post, I did some research and eureka! I found this, a more complete record of descendants. There are some notable errors including the year Lulu passed away (they have it as 1932 but it was 1975) and the place where May and Ernst were married (they have it as Concord, but I believe it was in Paris).

Now we finally have some names. Beth, do you know which descendants live in Concord? Anybody else?

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11 Replies to “More follow-up on the search for Alcott descendants”

  1. Hi – I used to guide at Orchard House and am still affiliated with them. My info comes from tours and from the booklet by Julie Dapper that was sold at Orchard House – not in front of me at the moment but I believe it is “The Alcotts of Orchard House”. You should speak to them at the house if you are interested in finding out more! They are very knowledgeable there about all things Alcott!

  2. I thought so. I’d love to do what you did. I will speak to them, I’d love to find out more.

    I’d love it if a tour could be arranged for people who have more in-depth knowledge so we could get into the really good stuff. 🙂 If there are enough locals around, we could plan a field trip.

  3. Hi again — Julie’s booklet is “The Alcotts at Orchard House”. She writes that John (Anna’s son) married but didn’t have children (I had always heard that he didn’t marry). Anyway – just wanted to clarify that. -beth

  4. Does anyone know for sure if John Pratt married or adopted a son?
    Can anyone also elaborate on the trouble caused by Lulu’s father when Lulu returned to him and he made her write offensive letters to Anna Pratt regarding Louisa;s will as he wanted his daughter Lulu to get a bigger share of the will.
    Lulu stated (in an interview to an author) that she was forced to rite these nasty letters that she believed could have contributed to Anna’s death.

  5. I am quite interested in the descendants of Lulu but I can only find two grandsons who have both died: Rolf Nieriker and Ekhard Ammer, both who seemed to have never married. How did you find out that there were 6 grandchildren? Is there any way I can get further on this? Thanks so much!

  6. It’s been so exciting to see I am a descendent of Louisa may Alcott 7th cousin 5 th removed. I found out tracing my family tree can’t wait to read her books and see the film 📚🧐🤣

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