Today I am celebrating!

The Littlest Woman: The Life and Legacy of Lizzie Alcott, the Real Beth March

I am pleased to announce that I have finished the rough draft of Chapter One of my Lizzie book. After extensive research and nine years of stops and starts, I am finally getting this down on paper. It feels terrific!

A writer needs a strategy when putting together a book, and that can take a long time to figure that out. Once solved, the writing went so much faster. I had to figure out my methodology for writing this biography and stumbled upon the answer while reading about writing a fiction novel! It taught me how to build and use chronological order as the framework while still focusing on themes. My natural tendency is to be a thematic writer, and I am also very much into process. These two things can confuse the reader because exploring themes and processes can make the story hard to follow. I discovered this after…

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Changes to Louisa May Alcott is My Passion: The Podcast, and promise of a “big reveal”

In the interests of simplifying the experience for you, "Louisa May Alcott is My Passion: The Podcast!" will be featured strictly on this blog. It will no longer be available through iTunes or any other source but right here. Here are all the episodes. This way, you can have the blog post and podcast together …

Progress report on Lizzie project–how a non-academic gains entry

It's been a while since I've posted and I apologize. I have a full time position which is a perfect writer's job - deadly quiet for eight months out of the year. However, since March it has been busy here at the real estate office in the thick of the Spring Market--quiet will resume by …

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