2 Replies to “fruitlands”

  1. to Susan Bailey — request for photos from the travel website VisitNewEngland.com
    February 14, 2020
    Dear Susan Bailey,
    I am the editor of VisitNewEngland.com, an online travel guide to New England. We have 4 million annual viewers and a sterling reputation in the New England tourism industry. We have home pages for Massachusetts and every New England state.
    I am writing a blog post and social media posts about activities for kids over the coming February school vacation week, and I plan to include a blurb about am Alcott story hour at Fruitlands.
    These are strictly editorial listings, for the benefit of our readers; it is not advertising and no payment of any kind is involved here.
    For this editorial content, may I have your permission to use the photo of the buildings of Fruitlands in the winter that appears on your website? You are welcome of correspond with me at Mary@ VisitNewEngland.com
    Thank you
    Mary Lhowe, Editor
    Phone: 401-921-3000 ext. 103

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