Help cast Margaret Fuller in a new movie!

YOU can help decide who plays Margaret Fuller in this up-and-coming movie: Here are more details from the website: The upcoming film, Anita, with shooting targeted for 2014 in Italy, takes as its heroine Brazilian revolutionary Anita Garibaldi, wife of the famed Hero of Two Worlds Giuseppe Garibaldi. But it adds an intriguing twist: an …

Finally saw the 1994 film of Little Women

I suppose if I'm going to be so long in reading Little Women , I might as well be long in seeing the film too! My lovely husband, keenly aware of my interest, set the DVR to tape Little Women on the Oprah Winfrey Network so I could watch it (awfully nice, thanks Rich!). I …

Winona Ryder learns from “Little Women”

Here's an article of interest regarding the resurrection of Winona Ryder's career after her arrest and conviction. Before I give my opinion, how about I get yours? What did you think of this writer's take on Little Women and how the movie interpreted it?

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