Talking with Corinne Hosfeld Smith, author of Henry David Thoreau for Kids

As promised, here is an extensive and fascinating interview with Corinne Hosfeld Smith, author of Henry David Thoreau for Kids (see previous post for review).

I see that you became interested in Henry David Thoreau in high school, having read “Civil Disobedience” and Walden. What was it about Thoreau that attracted you?

civil disobedience-vertFirst of all, I admired his spirit of independence. I had a good and quiet suburban childhood. But I was an only child with a very domineering mother. Her word was the law in our household, and my introverted father and I generally bowed to her will. So when I read in “Civil Disobedience” that we all had internal higher laws that we could call upon and follow, this was a revelation to me. You mean, I could think for myself? I didn’t have to be like everyone else? And I could be RIGHT? Wow! I want more of this. Continue reading


Book Review: Henry David Thoreau for Kids: His Life and Ideas with 21 Activities by Corinne Hosfeld Smith

Henry David Thoreau for Kids is geared towards children ages nine and up but I am going to review this book as one for adults as well.

thoreau for kids

Abridged version of Thoreau

Cutting right to the chase—I loved this book. As a perpetual student of Louisa May Alcott and as someone who appreciates nature, I have been fascinated with Henry David Thoreau since childhood. I do find his writing however to be difficult to plough through at times as it is very dense; Thoreau’s works demand complete attention from the reader and this can be hard to sustain at times. Therefore I look upon Corinne Hosfeld Smith’s book to be a welcomed abridged version of Thoreau.

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