Louisa’s poetic tribute to her mother reveals beautiful insights on death

I have long maintained that Louisa’s most poignant writing revolves around death as evidenced in Beth March’s passing in Little Women and John Suhre’s noble death in Hospital Sketches.

Recently I found a blog post on the SevenPonds site that states so eloquently the very thoughts I’ve harbored about Louisa’s insights into death – that it is not a hopeless end but is in fact, a beautiful new beginning.

Here is a teaser from that blog post:

from the cover of Marmee and Louisa by Eve LaPlante

As its name suggests, “Transfiguration,” by Louisa May Alcott, is about change, and specifically change for the better. The poem was written about Alcott’s mother after her death, and it’s filled with so much love and admiration that one can’t help but feel better about death after reading it. The poem shows a sincere reverence for death, viewing it as an improvement on life. The first stanza makes this point perfectly clear:

Mysterious death! who in a single hour
Life’s gold can so refine.
And by thy art divine
Change mortal weakness to immortal power! (1-4)

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