Meg March and John Brooke – The Dance of Romance Begins

I just finished chapter 12, Camp Laurence and am in the middle of chapter 13.  Louisa’s introduction of John Brooke as Meg’s love interest is subtle and sweet. She offers up a little tease and begins the dance of courtship. I can tell this will take a while to bloom into the lifelong love that it’s meant to be and that’s the pleasure of watching this dance.

The burning question of course is, was Louisa herself ever in love? There’s talk of her Polish boy, Laddie whom she had a ‘friendship’ with in Europe and whom she spent a fortnight with in Paris (Laurie was based on Laddie). Was it a full-blown love affair? Unfortunately, we will never know.

What we do know is that Louisa was a keen observer of life; she caught each and every detail and knew how to write about it so exquisitely.

It’s too bad that the art of courtship has essentially been lost in today’s world. People today want to skip the dance and just get on with it. But judging from what I’m reading, a lot of beauty is being missed by skipping this dance.

I’m looking forward to more details from Louisa about this courtship. 🙂

One Reply to “Meg March and John Brooke – The Dance of Romance Begins”

  1. I’m sure there was a romance somewhere along the line. Its difficult to think there wasn’t one.

    However, Louisa was a practical woman. She understood what it meant to fall in love and marry. Louisa witnessed her mother’s slow decline and wanted no part of it.

    In my opinion she did fall in love at some point in her life, but logic trumped love.

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